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To My Friends At Saratoga Veterinary Hospital And Paws And Claws:

I wanted to reach out to all of you in our resent loss of our Lab Jake. Although Jake had a hard life medically he was loved very much and lived a great life. Jake endured 4 major surgeries in his life with the first two before he reached 2 years old. He was also plagued with many other ailments but through it all in 11 years together we never left each others side.

We had our first Lab Tucker who some of you may remember who lived to 13 so we have been "Pet Partners" with you for nearly 25 years. You provided both our pets with kindness and compassion and Jake especially loved all of you as well. I also want to thank Dr. Sofarlli for all of his special care with Jake. I am still amazed with how peacefully he passed.

With that I bringing Jake home today. My wife and I are taking time now to deal with his loss. We know that  time will turn our thoughts of sadness to memories of joy. I already am thinking about what the future holds for us as far as pets go. If we do get another dog I have decided that we will rescue a dog. The way I see it the loss of one life will mean another life being saved.

And that makes it all good.

Please share this with all of the staff and with Paws and Claws as well.

You are all professional and compassionate and we are lucky to have all of you caring for and sharing with us in the lives of our pets.

Best Regards;